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"I have been backing 50/1, 40/1 and 33/1 winners on a regular basis since 2005, and banking at least 150 a week along the way since I first discovered the
Cash Generator Plus!....

...you can now do exactly the same as me by investing in this best selling system.

(What's more it is guaranteed to continue
to pick big, double priced winners
week after week - or you can have your money back")

The Cash Generator Plus! provides you with 3 horses to
select for each system race.

You back either 1, 2 or 3 depending on the system criteria, then collect your winnings over 30% of the time!

And you won't be backing any short priced favourites either.

We show you how to select those dark horses overlooked by many but that win at decent, working mans prices, everyday!

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Buyers can also download a copy of the spreadsheet I used to increase my betting bank by 150% in just 7 days using this system, showing every bet made, all of which are fully checkable system selections, proving that simple profits of 30, 50 or 100 a day are more than achievable with the Cash Generator Plus!


Hi, my name is James Dawson and I have been developing winning racing systems for the past 20 years or so. Some have worked well and others not so well however the Cash Generator Plus!, (originally called just the Cash Generator until I improved on the selection method which now backs even more winners), seems to be close to the 'perfect racing system'.

This is because it not only keeps any long term risks of losses to a minimum but it also increases the chance of success in nearly three quarters of all races run on the flat, all weather and jumps and with some really, really good priced winners. I am now able to bet anytime I am able too and know I will make a steady long term profit. Plus I can easily improve this profit at any time by simply increasing my stakes.

      Your potential income from using the Cash Generator Plus! is at least 150 per week - 600 per month and this is easily achievable betting on a few races at the weekend or during the week and starting with simple 2 or 5 stakes.

The Cash Generator Plus! selects an average of 2 winners per meeting, per day and unlike any other system around, many of the winners are at excellent prices making you decent tax free profits all year round. Be assured, this is a simple to use system yet extremely effective too.

Some of the thousands of winners found by the system since 2005.

Smile That Smile W66/1 Lerida W50/1 Gentleman Jimmy W25/1
Be My Witness W50/1 Can Can Flyer W25/1 She's Humble W33/1
Busy Bimbo W33/1 Romany Nights W33/1 Future's Dream W33/1
Eriskay W33/1 Baltimore Jack W33/1 Adobe W25/1
Welsh Gem Won 25/1 Smart Instinct W33/1 Mystery Ocean W33/1
Stokesies Boy W50/1 Shotfire Ridge W28/1 Alistair John W40/1
Royal Katidoki W33/1 Go Figure Won 25/1 Authorized W25/1
Bobs Buster W40/1 Feeling Wonderful W25/1 Parthenope Won 40/1
Don Castille W50/1 Grecian Groom W33/1 Xtra Torrential W33/1
Lucifer Bleu W28/1 Always Waining W25/1 Viscount Rossini W25/1
Ace Club W28/1 Rich Lord W33/1 Ebony Light W33/1
Fred's Lad Won 25/1 Danish Rebel Won 33/1 Bubbs Won 33/1
Aintnonancy Won 33/1 Tuppance A Bag Won 25/1 Miss Bootylishes Won 33/1
Good Line Won 33/1 Cape Vale Won 28/1 Cursum Perficio Won 40/1
Unbuckled Won 33/1 Good Line Won 33/1 Bobs Buster W40/1

All these winners can be verified as true
Cash Generator Plus! system selections.

Winners like these are found week after week.
Try the system today, you have nothing to lose!

With the Cash Generator Plus! you can bet in around 70% of all races each day or whenever you are able to and make an average profit of between 30 to 75 per day just starting with realistic stakes that everybody can afford. With the number of winners that are found, this will be readily be achieved.

Plus I will show you how to maximise your profits using the system to double or even treble your winnings!

Don't be fooled into thinking this is just another 'miracle money making system' like many others you have seen. This is a proven horse racing system that is picking winners at great prices each and every day (and has been since I discovered the system back in 2005).

It's not only short priced favourites that win.

Hundreds of races are won by the outsiders...

The success of the Cash Generator Plus! can be put down to my research on which 10/1 shots or bigger often win certain races. I found that one or two different elements on their own found an amazing amount of winners in one day but after a lot of effort I found I couldn't take one element and not the other without a decrease in success so I decided to combine the two together and that really gave me what I was looking for.

Apart from giving me a few more bets than I had ideally wanted there was no loss in the number of actual winners and as importantly it allowed me to 'rope in' many of the 25/1, 33/1 and 50/1 winners that you can see the system has selected. I now found that by betting with only very small stakes I was able to win some very decent amounts of money and this success has continued today due to the number of winners that are selected.

Would you like to back 10 winners or more in just one day
and with very few favourites amongst them at all?

The Cash Generator Plus! selection system seeks out the 'dark horses', the ones that many people overlook and this is why we back them at some outstanding prices on most occasions.

To find these selections you will not be required to spend hours ploughing through the form book or paying for the information required elsewhere as the selection method has nothing at all to do with understanding form, the course, the distance, the going or miniscule calculations on weight carried etc, etc.. Nor does it involve trainers, jockeys, tipsters selections or ratings.

It also has nothing to do with watching the betting markets just before the off either. Whilst we are often able to back some huge priced winners we also find horses at 3/1, 5/1 or even shorter and we back all of these whether they have drifted in the betting or been backed off the boards.

All you will need is a newspaper or the free to access Racing Post web site, where the selections can be found as early as the evening before racing.

To use the Cash Generator Plus! you will not be required to:

  • Have any previous knowledge of racing or betting at all.

  • Follow the betting market for horses being backed.

  • Be in a betting shop or at the course to make money from this system.

  • Watch any of the races.

  • Bet on every race at every meeting.

  • Call any premium rate numbers for the system bets.

What you will need to use the Cash Generator Plus! successfully is:

  • A normal online bookmakers account or a betting exchange account. (You can back the horses in a high street bookies if you wish but it is much easier to do this online.)

  • A betting bank of money set aside solely for the use of the system. (I started with about 300 but the more that you have the more you can win.)

  • About 30 minutes of your time after purchasing the system to read through and fully understand how it all works.

And that's about it.

You can then proceed to either paper trade your bets to satisfy yourself that everything works as promised or go right ahead and start betting - and winning!

What more can I say?

After your purchase you will be directed to the download page where you will gain access to the full system itself. You will then be able to check back a few days or weeks to confirm to yourself that all winners shown here were actually full system bets. After that it's down to you to put the system into operation and make your profits week after week.

So how much does it cost?

The price of the Cash Generator Plus! is now just 37 and should be the last betting system you ever need.

The reason that the price is so fair is that I realise people can be very sceptical about 'winning systems' and rightly so. I also know that were it priced a lot higher it probably would not sell so as I do not need to make a fortune from this programme myself, I can now sit back having done all the hard work developing the system and make some extra cash by showing others how to do the same.

Use the system for the next year alone and it works out at just 3.08 a month. Use it year after year and the cost then becomes ridiculous, bearing in mind you will soon be making 150 to 300 a week just starting with low stakes and betting bank.

And remember you can increase the stakes at any time you feel comfortable, increasing your profits at the same time.


And don't forget the guarantee.

Use the system to find the bets and monitor the results. Show me that the system doesn't work and find all of the winners shown plus others and I will gladly refund your money.

With years of proven profit, I can happily hand out this guarantee to everyone  who buys the Cash Generator Plus!

 If you want to be dazzled by 'miracle systems' that promise you retirement within six months then please close this page now.

If, on the other hand you want to make an achievable amount of extra money each week using this proven system, where real UK horse racing winners are selected daily and results are regularly updated, then just click the button below and you will soon be backing winners like those that have already been selected on a regular basis.

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This system is based on proven winning principles that have been working back at least as far as November 2005 and I'm confident for a good while before then too.

Back those horses that many do not expect to win and watch them come in day after day!

"As a pensioner I don't use big stakes at all but even so I have been very pleased at the success I have had. If someone wants to back lots and lots of winners then I would heartily recommend this system." Robert.

       Don't miss this opportunity to make extra tax free cash. Once you see how the system works and the amount of winners that you are backing you will see just how hard it would be to actually lose money using the Cash Generator Plus!

So good luck and happy Cash Generating!

James Dawson


P.S. Don't miss out on this system! Just look at the number of winners and the profits that can be made. Buy it today and start winning today. Remember, you will be able to check back yourself to see that all winners are genuine selections, so with a full 100% money back guarantee you'd be crazy not to at least try it out. This is not just a page of print that promises you the earth without giving you any substance because here the results page is updated regularly with real horses that are winning today.

P.P.S. The true value of the Cash Generator Plus! is worth many times more than what it actually costs bearing in mind the profits that can be made. To be able to find regular winners at 20/1, 25/1, 33/1, 40/1 and 50/1 all year round is worth at least ten times the price of the system alone and no other system can give you winners like these. Just look at the list of recent results and tell me you wouldn't like to back a few like those today!


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What others have to say:

"The concept is a fantastic one by the way so thank you and congratulations on the system itself.". Mike

"Well done James. My first week with you has been very good. My bank trebled in just two days. The prices I have got on Betfair are staggering (why would anyone bet on the bookies sites?)." Mark

"Excellent value for money. The prices I am getting on Betfair are outrageous! 48.0, 42.0 and 36.0 in recent weeks." Keith

"Its clever and seems to work. Just waiting to get my bank together and get started." Roy

" Making about 70 a day at present from my desk at work starting with a bank of 1,000. Yesterday was great with 8 winners from the 14 races I bet on including Bishops Court at 12/1." Alan

"Making a steady 40 a day at present from simple stakes." Connor

"Very pleased with the system thanks very much." John

"I am amazed at the simplicity of the whole system, and really do think I can make money from it." Craig

"Just read the info and have to say I love it!" Marcus

"As a pensioner I don't use big stakes but have been very pleased at the success I have had." Robert.

"Thanks for the system. I've made over 100 already." Amrat

"I paper traded and would have won over 275 last week just betting in the evenings." John

"Great selection method that really works, I just backed a 16/1 winner in an 'impossible handicap'. Thanks." Chris

"Imps Way 11/2, Red Rampage 9/4, Fairly High 20/1, Reverse Swing 13/2 and O'Toole 12/1, all winners from last night." Patrick

"Great to find a system that doesn't pick favourites all day long. I won over 150 in the last three days and haven't needed half the bank I started out with, hope it's not beginners luck."  Dean

"I got 70.0 on the exchanges for Parthenope yesterday. That's a first for me I can assure you." Beverley

"Thanks for the extra info. Steadily increasing profits now." Ian

"I've really enjoy using the Cash Generator system, I got excellent results on the first few days racing." M Mulligan

"Just read through the system and it looks good". John

"It's amazing the number of winners this system selects. I've had days on end without backing a winner in the past, not any more. It's such a buzz backing a winner, I'm now getting that buzz everyday."  Martina

"So simple. Makes a change to win some decent money for once". Reg

"I use your system every day and usually quit once I have had a winning run or two. I try not to be greedy." Rick

"Seems like a solid idea that I look forward to putting into practice." Lee

"Your system seems to be exceptional, I have been using it for a week now and I have had some good results". Funso

"I purchased your system a couple of days ago. I looked at Saturday and Sundays races and had 26 races with 9 winners over the two days....one at 18/1. I'm excited!" Mike

"Very prompt and efficient - lets now try and make some dosh" Dave

"I purchased your system yesterday and I made half the purchase price back in my first attempt yesterday afternoon". John

"Really impressed so far, this could be what I have been looking for all along and its so simple too. Well done mate and thanks." Peter




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